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As fighters we dedicate our entire lives to the sport inspired by a wide array of factors: dreams, passion, fate and family… We all have something to fight for– but in truth, it's the promise of hope to someday have a better life.  This is what keeps at this epicenter of the unknown. You see– as boxers we are more alike than anyone else on the planet. 


We are a product of our environment and our background is essentially how we ended up in a boxing ring., and all of that shows once we are under the bright lights.  Amid the darkness I was in through the surrounding of murder, abuse, drugs, a broken family and poverty, I still aspired to be a champion–a success story that would rise from the ghetto neighborhoods of Cleveland. After years of sacrifice, nearly a hundred amateur bouts and just one bout as a pro, there were sizable concerns about my circumstances and future that derailed my objective. Although that passion wasn’t so easy to identify and the rigors of life forced me out of a boxing ring. I returned to this journey in 2013 to guide, nurture and develop fighters like you. This is the biggest fight of my life by far. 


I will never lose sight of that burning desire in our bellies–all hanging on by one common thread– to be a champion. I’m in this fight with you my friend. There’s not one manager in the business today that truly relates to you like I do in your remarkable endeavors to step into a boxing ring. Your fortitude to risk it all will prevail and the boxing God’s will help you find this truth. 


Newhouse Management Group was created for YOU! This business is a compliment to all that believed in me and to the many trials and tribulations that I’ve endured throughout my lifetime. We will persevere! Every bout we have together is an opportunity to add to our story. This storied stage awaits us…


For the love of the game, 


Tim VanNewhouse

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